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Tie100 produce limited edition Italian silk ties, handmade in Como, Italy.

My quest: When I tie my tie I like to create a proper knot which in my opinion necessitates a tie which is meticulous in quality, dimensions and of course design.

Chatting with other professionals it became apparent I am not alone; there are plenty of you like me who have equally exacting demands, requiring a tie which is noticed not because it is loud or whacky but admired because it simply exudes quality, understated elegance and exclusivity.

Tie100 will only ever produce 100 ties per design with each tie individually numbered in the series. The patterns exclusive to Tie100 are taken from archives purchased from Christies dated from 1827 to 1850. Each tie is expertly hand-made from the finest Italian silk and no matter how many or when you purchase, each tie will always be of the same exacting quality that is Tie100.

Matt Gomez

Tie100's Proprietor, Matthew Gomez has, throughout his career been involved in businesses centred on design, quality, excellence and style and has acknowledged the need to project these qualities in himself.

His quest: "When I tie my tie I like to create a proper knot which in my opinion necessitates a tie which is meticulous in quality, dimensions and of course design".

Neckties have always been an essential element of dress projecting much about the individual and how he hopes to be perceived. So much so that Mr Gomez, tired of mundane designs and poorly manufactured ties, decided to produce a high quality luxury tie that would look good whether wearing it for the 1st or the 100th time.

"A necktie must be well designed and manufactured to a very high specification and provide that degree of elegance and sheer quality that makes it stand out from the crowd"

The culmination of 18 months research and development has resulted in the launch of Tie100, an exclusive range of high quality handmade Italian silk ties, based on classic designs and producing arguably one of the best ties available in the world. Furthermore only 100 of each design will be produced, each tie being individually numbered 1 through to 100.

The beginning

Tie100 is the brainchild of one individual's passion to produce arguably one of the best ties available in the world. A tie portrays the person; reflecting style, elegance and professionalism. This is reinforced with classic designs and the highest production standards. Not all ties can claim to achieve this.

The journey starts with many trips to Como, Italy spread over 18 months. Como is renowned for its quality silk production and historically has for centuries produced the finest silks. True, ties are now produced all over the world and utilise a number of fabrics, but suffice to say, quality of the finest silks and manufacturing techniques was always going to be foremost in Mr Gomez's mind.

The journey, involved detailed discussion and agreement on the specification of the finest silks, exacting production techniques and expertise in the manufacturing process. The objective was not to produce a tie with just a label, but one that would and could be held up as one of the finest produced. A passion focussed on quality and elegance with a desire to produce a world class product.

At this stage Mr Gomez focussed on the quality of silk and manufacturing techniques, ensuring the right blend of fabrics (internal and external) would not catch when tied, nor move inadvertently over time, thereby distorting its shape. The interlining determines not only the shape of the tie but also how well it will wear. This is extremely important when producing such a high quality product.

Over many months the attention to detail was revisited. The quality of the fabrics assessed making sure they complimented each other in blend, nap and weight when compared to the silk shell fabric, supporting the design.

Coupled with this it was extremely important to make sure the weight of such a tie was consistent, along with the width and length of the tie; important details to any tie connoisseur and reinforcing the message that Tie100 will always produce consistent ties reflecting these specifications.

This took time working with the Italian craftsmen to achieve the right detail and ensure that each tie produced will have consistent design elements including the tipping on every tie along with the bar tag which will always be turquoise. The numbering of each tie individually up to 100 provides the exclusivity and reinforces the brand that is Tie100.

"It has been a journey that has had its up and downs but has also reinforced my belief that quality of design and the highest manufacturing techniques underpin truly great products. Attention to detail across all disciplines is paramount and I am pleased that the final product compares with any branded tie available today. Tie100 can now allow the discerning gentleman the ability to purchase a limited number of these ties knowing that these will be what makes him stand out from the crowd"

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