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A Fine Process...

Those who already know their ties appreciate that any quality tie will adhere to a set of de facto standards:

  • High quality silk
  • Continuous slip stitch
  • Silk cut on the bias, diagonally across the silk
  • Quality interlining fabric
  • Classic design
  • Hand stitching

Tie100 focus on the quality of silk and manufacturing techniques to guarantee the ideal blend of fabrics (internal and external) as to not catch when tied nor move inadvertently over time (thereby distorting its shape). The interlining determines not only the shape of the tie but also how well it will wear. This is extremely important when producing a high quality tie alongside a slip stitch allowing the tie to perpetually move and retain its shape.

Time and time again, under scrutiny of Mr Gomez, Tie100 revisted the attention to detail. The quality of fabrics were assessed making sure they complimented each other in blend, nap and weight when compared to the supportive silk shell.

In addition it was extremely important to make sure the weight of the tie was consistent, along with the width and length; key details to a tie connoisseur and reinforcing the message that Tie100 will always produce consistent ties reflecting these specifications.

"My quest: When I tie my tie I like to create a proper knot which in my opinion necessitates a tie which is meticulous in quality, dimensions and of course design....

...in speaking with other professionals it became apparent that I am not alone; there are plenty of you like me who have equally exacting demands, requiring a tie which is noticed not because it is loud or whacky but instead admired because it simply exudes quality, understated elegance and exclusivity."

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