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Tie100’s proprietor, Matthew Gomez, has established a distinguished career in design centric industries creating and promoting products of exceptional quality, excellence and style. As a natural repercussion of his efforts Mr. Gomez has acknowledged a need to project these very qualities in both himself and his products.
Speaking when setting out on creating a ‘perfect tie’ he remarked “…when I tie my tie I like to create a proper knot which in my opinion necessitates a tie of meticulous dimension and standard; along with meticulous quality and design of course.”
Neckties have always been an essential part of fashion projecting much about the individual and their hopes and ambiitons. So much so that Mr. Gomez, tired of mundane designs and poorly manufactured ties, decided to develop and produce a luxury tie of the highest quality; a tie of exuberance that would shine irrespective of being worn for the first or the hundredth time.
“A necktie must be well designed and manufactured to the very highest specification providing that degree of elegance and sheer quality setting it apart from the crowd.”
Tie100, the culmination of 18 months research and development, has reached fruition through the launch of Tie100. For the first time we are proud to present to you a limited, select and exclusive range of high-quality handmade Italian silk ties based on classic designs producing arguably one of the finest ties available in the world today.
Most remarkably only 100 of each edition will ever be produced numbered 1-100 in its own unique edition.
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