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Building the 'Perfect' Tie.

The journey began with many trips to Como, Italy across an 18 month period. Como is renowned for its quality silk production and historically and for centuries has produced the finest silks. True, ties are now produced all over the world and utilise a variety of fabrics. Nevertheless, sourcing the finest quality silks and manufacturing techniques were always at the foremost of Mr Gomez's mind.

Mr Gomez' focus on the finest silk and manufacturing techniques were pivotal to the vision to ensure the perfect blend of fabrics (internal and external) would not catch when tied nor move inadvertently over time, thereby distorting its shape. The interlining determines not only the shape of the tie but also how well it will wear; extremely important when producing a tie of such exacting standards and quality.

Next for design - patterns exclusive to Tie100 were sourced from historic archives dated 1827 -1850 and purchased from Christies. Examples of these designs/cuttings are shown in the picture at the top of this page contained within the leather bound volumes. Each tie is expertly hand-made from the finest Italian silk and no matter how many or when you purchase, each tie will always be of the same exacting quality that is Tie100.

Over many months the attention to detail was revisited. The quality of the fabrics assessed making sure they complimented each other in blend, nap and weight when compared to the silk shell fabric, supporting the design.

Coupled with this it was extremely important to make sure the weight of such a tie was consistent, along with the width and length ; important details to a 'tie connoisseur' and reinforcing the message that Tie100 will always produce consistent ties built upon this specification.

Mr Gomez worked tirelessly alongside skilled Italian craftsmen to achieve the perfect detail to ensure that every single Tie100  tie produced maintains consistent design standards, for example the now synonomous tipping on every tie alongside our famous turquoise bar tag. Add our unique and individual tie numbering within its design edition (1-100) and you begin to realise the excellence and quality reinforcing the brand that is Tie100.

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