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Bespoke limited edition design - for you only.

The very concept of Tie100 is founded upon exclusive, limited edition silk ties of the finest quality.


Tie100 will only produce tie designs from artwork dated 1827-1850 sourced from select Christies archives to create masterpieces such as The Avro and Liscia ties. All productions are limited editions at 100 per design.


Tie100 are pleased to offer very special bespoke ties that are manufactured to your meticulous requirement.


Upon receipt of your custom commission Tie100 can reference our archives to select for you a personal, one time only design. The selected design is restricted entirely (and forever) for your private use only and shall never be re-used; a truly bespoke creation with a depth of meaning and relevance.


As with all Tie100 ties your design shall be produced in a limited run to your own specification, each individually numbered for your club, association, event or occasion and handcrafted in Como from the finest silk.


Please make your custom enquiry here.


The manufacture process from time of enquiry is approx. 10-12 weeks (confirmed upon receipt of your commission).


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