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The Design:

Design was a key element in ensuring Tie100 succeeded in producing the finest ties available. Having agreed how the tie was going to be manufactured to Tie100's exacting specification; the design of each tie was then addressed.

Classical, elegant designs originally produced between 1827-1850 were sourced via Christies. These classical design samples are presented in leather bound volumes, some dating back to the 18th Century. Each design is individually assessed by Mr Gomez taking into account its design quality and individuality thereby producing a classical tie design dating back to the 18th and 19th century's.

The next stage was to assess each designs suitability for inclusion in the portfolio of Tie100's initial design collection.

Mr Gomez clearly has an advantage here. He has been involved in running two businesses for the past 25 years focussing on high quality fabrics and distributing these around the world. He understands that classical design, quality and sheer elegance is paramount when producing a luxury product. Hence the design element of Tie100 played an important role in making sure that the end product would be able to compete with the best available.


Tie100 will only ever produce 100 ties per design with each tie individually numbered in the series.

Having spent a great deal of time addressing the quality and design aspects of all ties to be included within the portfolio, Mr Gomez asked for only 100 ties to be manufactured and that these were to be numbered individually 1 through to 100, hence the formation of Tie100.

Exclusive, unique and quality are widely utilised to describe an array of products. Tie100 represents and meets all of these criteria and much more.

"It has been a journey that has had its up and downs but has also reinforced my belief that quality of design and the highest manufacturing techniques underpin truly great products. Attention to detail across all disciplines is paramount and I am pleased that the final product compares with any branded tie available today. Tie100 can now allow the discerning gentleman the ability to purchase a limited number of these ties knowing that these will be what makes him stand out from the crowd"

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